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Superintendents’ Big Questions

School Superintendents Speak Out Recently, a team from Project Education attended an important event for educators: The District Administration Leadership Institute’s Summit in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With all that’s happened to society in general and schools in particular over the...

Tech is Only Half Our Story

You may think of Project Education as a technology company. After all, we’ve made a name for ourselves by helping school districts, schools, administrators, and teachers unlock and unleash the potential of their data to better manage the many situations,...

More Than ELL

More Than ELL

Words are not enough: How we learned that ELL was just a start When our company was still in the startup phase, we were devoted to the idea of ELL: English Language Learners. We wanted to make a difference in...

Serving the At-Risk Generation, Together

Serving the At-Risk Generation, Together As America’s schools come back together after over a year of displacement and disruption, we need to prepare for the collateral damage of the pandemic: a generation of children who have been thrown from the...

The Goldilocks Dilemma

Q: What happens when a company that customers thought was “Just Right” is acquired by another that many find to be “Too Big”? A: Customers have less choice – and less service. Project Education is an education tech company. We’ve...

Jayson Hammett Receives TexTESOLer of the Year Award

“One language sets you on a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith, Canadian psycholinguist Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of our mission at Project Education are the many thousands of doors we...

When Teachers Can’t Teach

Teachers are extraordinary people. We all know it, because we remember the teachers who had major impacts on our own lives, spending time to teach us to read, to understand a math problem, or in later grades, to unlock the...

The Truth About Training

Project Education is a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) company with a database management and access solution that is transforming the schools and districts that have adopted with remarkable results. Schools and districts have mountains of data that could be used to improve...