The Platform to Unlock Improved Performance for English Language Programs: Project ELL

Master your approach to EL student goals, accommodations, interventions and strategies.

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Advancing EL efforts is one of the most important improvements a district or school can make. It leads to ongoing benefits and better performance for students, teachers and families.

Project ELL is web-based software that adapts to your existing programs for a seamless fit and minimal learning curve. This allows you to align your team to its strengths for faster, more effective response to students’ needs at the individual, school and district levels. Project ELL goes beyond compliance to help students succeed, delivering actionable data to drive instruction strategies. It smoothly manages data flow to integrate with SIS/Assessment providers, generating reports, forms, plans, alerts and customizable parent letters with translations.

These products can be added on to any Project ELL product:

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These products can be added on to any Project ELL product: