Know Where They Stand To Be Sure They’ll Walk: Project Grad

The impact is immediate: Simple, significant improvement in graduation rates for any district.

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Every year at almost every high school, students miss their planned graduation dates due to accidental (and avoidable) credit shortfalls, disrupting their plans for work or college.

Project Grad is the customizable, web-based program that can solve this problem for your district – improving student success and alleviating an unnecessary drain on remedial resources. It provides credits and endorsement monitoring that allows teachers and administrators to run on-track reports. Students in need of credits for endorsements are alerted early to enough to take action so they can achieve on-time graduation.

How Unifying Data Unlocks Students’ Potential

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A Perfect Introduction

For many districts, Project Grad is an ideal introduction to the Project Education approach to solving everyday education issues. Easy to implement and instantly effective, Project Grad can be used as a stand-alone starter initiative or added on to any other program in the Project Education suite of solutions.