Smart, Seamless Data Storage and Access: DataAnywhere! and DataEverywhere!

Performance matters. Improved data management can help take your district from good to great.

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Your data is only as good as your system for utilizing it. Managing data between multiple sources and on multiple platforms is key for districts that hope to outperform expectations.

DataAnywhere! and DataEverywhere! are data connection subscriptions that help districts streamline data management to save time and money. Each provides flexible reporting capabilities and an integrated approach that makes it easier to store, track, document and share information. Both link with all data within the Project Education platform to generate effective reports that interface with third-party data applications.

How Unifying Data Unlocks Students’ Potential


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DataAnywhere! and DataEverywhere! subscriptions include:

  • Customized development of importers and exporters
  • Ongoing program updates to display the most current data available
  • Self-service features
  • System maintenance as needed
  • Data sharing with other systems

For Data Import: DataAnywhere!

Provides a central location for assessments and online curriculum – a critical step towards data integrity. By seamlessly recognizing and retrieving data from other sources, DataAnywhere! enables easy, error-free population of forms, reports and dashboards. Engineered to sync with other Project Education solutions, it creates a full-circle, full-service platform. DataAnywhere! delivers direct compatibility with Imagine Math, Skyward and Eduphoria.

For Data Export: DataEverywhere!

Enables easy, accurate sharing of district data stored in Project Education with other educators when needed. It is a flexible solution that can be customized to partner with any systems your district or situation may require. DataEverywhere! can also track Medicaid data and services, and then customize Medicaid reports to fit its specifications. It is fully compatible with Esped, Test Hound and Medicaid.

The Single-Source, Total-Data Solution

DataAnywhere! and DataEverywhere! are part of the comprehensive Project Education solution. It works directly with third-party systems including Test Hound, Eduphoria and IT CCS, as well as academic and behavior specialists, to track and monitor progress for students, and share data with school district partners and third-party vendors.