The Formula for Fair, Intuitive and Complete Response: Project RTI

Help write their success stories: Effective RTI programs can inspire dramatic student turnarounds.

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Positive outcomes are the goal for all educational programs. Achieving them requires a mix of consistency, intelligence, experience and consideration.

For districts that want a complete Response to Intervention solution, Project RTI is the only fully customizable, web-based platform. It tracks interventions and outcomes at each stage to enable decision-making through analysis of a student’s performance trends, documentation and fact-based support – with all the student’s data in one easy-to-access place, and tools that monitor goals, send alerts and generate parent letters (with translations if needed). The result is improved communication and collaboration between educators, parents and students.

Thoughtful, Systemized RTI Platform Leads to Turnarounds for Bastrop Schools

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Information drives better decision-making. Grades, attendance, behavior, and assessments automatically populate in Project RTI so that interventions can be targeted and measurable. To allow you to focus on student achievement, this user-friendly program manages the details such as detailed compliance reporting. This helps your district ensure that all students are supported.