Achieving Calm for Students Facing Crisis: Behavior Lite for ELs

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Changing schools or environments is traumatic for any student. For English Learner students, that trauma can be many times worse and may involve fleeing hardships such as political strife, war, natural disasters, or famine. Then upon arrival, these children may face racism, bullying, rejection, depression, and loneliness in their new hometowns and schools.

It is essential for educators to replace this chaos with calm and structure. From the everyday classroom to complex social/emotional support scenarios, understanding and addressing the experiences and needs of students can offer lifelines – or lead to life-changing interventions.

Behavior Lite for ELs can be a difference-maker for your district. Its customizable, web-based platform enables districts to provide fair, compassionate support to students and teachers in difficult situations. This includes addressing Mental Health support, and thoughtful sensitivity to concerns such as how COVID might affect students and/or their families, or the understandable stresses a child would feel in worrying about a war-torn homeland.

Data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline, and surveys is compiled to provide valuable insight into a student’s situation. Those insights are delivered in easy-to-follow and up-to-the-minute reports so you can make more informed decisions. Correct interventions then have a better chance to yield positive outcomes. Behavior Lite’s Mental Health and Anti-Bullying components elevate campus and district response to incidents with instant alerts. Classroom and Social/Emotional tracking can be added on to any other Project Education program.

This Lite version of our popular Project Behavior module is designed specifically for EL students, with value pricing that can qualify for Title III funding to monitor ELs.

Understanding the dynamics that EL students face enables interventions that are prompt, compassionate, and helpful.

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