Supporting Teachers, Students and Families: Project Behavior

Timely, appropriate response to behavior incidents leads to safer, more effective learning environments.

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From the everyday classroom to social/emotional support, understanding and addressing the experiences and needs of students can offer lifelines – or lead to life-changing interventions.

Project Behavior delivers a customizable, web-based platform that enables district personnel to provide fair, compassionate support to students and teachers in difficult situations. Data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline, and surveys can be compiled into reports to guide decisions and celebrate positive outcomes. Project Behavior’s Mental Health and Anti-Bullying components elevate campus and district response to incidents with instant alerts. Classroom and Social/Emotional tracking can be added on to any other Project Education program.

Thoughtful, Systemized RTI Platform Leads to Turnarounds for Bastrop Schools

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Replacing the Silos – Sensibly

Districts strive to achieve timely reporting and consistent, appropriate response to behavior incidents – but that can be impossible if different campuses or even departments use varying approaches or systems to document, report, and react (or not). This lack of coordination or communication can prevent administrators from assessing incidents and taking action. Project Behavior replaces those siloed systems while adding essential communication tools to keep students safe.

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