The Direct Success Strategy for EL Student Populations

“Education is the great American adventure, the world’s most colossal democratic experiment.”
Mary McLeod Bethune
Educator, philanthropist and civil rights pioneer

The United States is a land of immigrants, with a rich diversity of cultures that creates formidable strength. Immigration brings communities an infusion of new talents, workers, leaders, and insights. But the American Dream does not happen on Day 1, and it’s not always easy. Our schools are the Dream’s starting point, the bridge where newcomers begin the process of fitting in and hopefully finding success. 

For English Learners, everyday student pressures can be magnified exponentially by cultural differences, bullying, economic issues, family/personal upheaval, and the simple trauma of moving.

Providing stability in the face of such chaos is essential. Our team of seasoned educators and administrators has formulated a specific strategy to help districts turn challenge into opportunity. At the heart of the strategy are 

three products that can make an immediate and profound difference for your EL students by addressing your critical needs of Attendance, Behavior, and Interventions – with special pricing to make them easier to bring online.

Goal 1: Make sure they are in school

Education begins with good attendance, and attendance issues can cause districts to face shortfalls due to lost funding. But EL departments are often ill equipped to handle truancy issues, and even well-intentioned truancy programs can be overcome by the added dynamics of EL populations, such as whether the families are seasonal migrants or if parents/guardians have been deported.

Truancy Lite for ELs will help your district detect and respond to truancy issues before they spin out of control. It improves monitoring, management and communications between educators, administrators, and parents, including translations in up to 163 languages.

Goal 2: Replace chaos with calm

Moves are disruptive for any student, but English Learner students may be from families fleeing hardships such as political strife, war, natural disasters, or famine. Then upon arrival, these children may face racism, bullying, rejection, depression, and loneliness in their new hometowns and schools. From the everyday classroom to complex social/emotional support scenarios, understanding and addressing the experiences and needs of students can offer lifelines – or lead to life-changing interventions.

Behavior Lite for ELs helps districts provide support to students and teachers in difficult situations. Its customizable, web-based platform enables districts to provide fair, compassionate support to students and teachers in difficult situations. Data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline, and surveys is compiled to provide valuable insight into a student’s situation. Those insights are delivered in easy-to-follow and up-to-the-minute reports so you can make more informed decisions. Correct interventions then have a better chance to yield positive outcomes. Behavior Lite’s Anti-Bullying component elevates campus and district response to incidents with instant alerts. 

Goal 3: Respond fairly and effectively

Communities, families, and children are dealing with unprecedented stress. It has never been more vital to manage students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs, especially among EL students. Interventions to address scholastic, attendance and behavior issues must be handled with confidence and care. Information drives better decision-making. 

RTI Lite for EL helps your interventions achieve positive outcomes by managing them with consistency, intelligence, and consideration. It differentiates between Language and Content Interventions, determining appropriate interventions at each state of RTI to standardize practices across your district. It also establishes appropriate Behavior/Academic interventions and manages details such as compliance reporting. This helps your district ensure that all students are supported.

Smart information management with a human edge (and special pricing)

We supercharge this EL Success Strategy – and all of Project Education’s online SaaS solutions – with partnership and service to help districts and schools customize to their specific situations, such as local and state requirements. This human component is integral to the winning results that Project Education helps schools achieve.

EL students face numerous challenges. Helping them overcome everyday issues can transform them from being detached, distracted and disruptive to engaged, attentive and productive. Our EL Lite Bundle can be key to your strategy for elevating EL students’ success. A cost-saving special offer makes them budget-friendly, with value pricing that can qualify for Title III funding to monitor ELs – contact us for details today.