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Stop truancy in its tracks. Training and ongoing consulting provides a Total Solution approach.

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Is your school district facing the challenges of low attendance? Lower student success and funding lost due to missed days drain school performance.

Project Truancy’s web-based software tackles attendance issues before they spin out of control. Alerts signal when students rack up unexcused absences, so your team knows where its attention is needed most. Easy data dashboards allow users to monitor trends by grade level, student circumstances and intervention plans. The system saves time with auto-generated parent notices and court forms.

The goal of Project Truancy is to build relationships and change the culture of a community to benefit both schools and families.

Project Truancy Helps Frisco ISD Flip the Script on Attendance Lags

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Project Truancy was created by John Payton, a former judge who specialized in truancy for over 20 years, and Dr. Charles Nix, a well-known principal and attendance officer. Payton, Nix and Associates brings a combined 100 years of courtroom and school district truancy experience to Project Education.