Serving the At-Risk Generation, Together

Serving the At-Risk Generation, Together

As America’s schools come back together after over a year of displacement and disruption, we need to prepare for the collateral damage of the pandemic: a generation of children who have been thrown from the routines and rhythms of traditional school attendance.

At Project Education, the early returns are in. We see profound spikes in issues of acting out, of skipping classes or school altogether, and of other behavioral issues as kids cope with being around each other again. These children are being thrust into dynamics where they are confused by either way more attention than they have grown accustomed to in isolation, or way less now that they are “set free” from prolonged confinements at home.

A lot for young, developing minds to cope with

The problems are the product of over a year of uncertainty and for many students, including real loss, whether of loved ones, family economic impacts, and social disconnection. There is potential for a flood of emotions, incidents and issues, including with students who may never have had problems before.

It’s a moment we are uniquely suited to address. Our products were created way before this crisis to address everyday situations. Simply put, Project Education helps teachers and administrators keep the focus on students by getting a better handle on their data.

Now, to help stem the tide of this coming wave of issues, Project Education is bundling three of its web-based software products in a ”School Success Trio” to simplify and speed up their implementation. Any one of these programs can make a huge difference. Taken together, they can (and do) help transform districts, schools, and lives:

  • Project Truancy – the easy, effective attendance solution that tackles attendance issues before they spin out of control. Its alerts signal when students rack up unexcused absences, so administrators and educators know where attention is needed. Easy data dashboards display trends by grade level, student circumstances and intervention plans. State-required parent notices and court forms are generated effortlessly and automatically.

    Project Truancy covers all of these bases, thanks to its remarkable advantage in expertise. It was created by John Payton, a former judge who specialized in truancy for over 20 years, and Dr. Charles Nix, a well-known principal and attendance officer. The software is advanced, but it’s packed with over 100 years of courtroom and school district truancy experience.
  • Project Behavior – Supports teachers, students and families by enabling district personnel to provide fair, compassionate support in difficult situations. Understanding and addressing the experiences and needs of students can offer lifelines, or lead to life-changing interventions. It compiles data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline reports, and surveys and synthesizes it into reports to guide decisions and celebrate positive outcomes.

    Project Behavior’s Anti-Bullying component elevates campus and district response to incidents with instant alerts. Classroom and Social/Emotional tracking can be added on to any other Project Education program.
  • Project RTI –The formula for fair, intuitive and complete response. It applies a unique mix of consistency, intelligence, experience and consideration. It’s the only fully customizable, web-based platform for managing RTI, and allows for seamless interface with any school’s or district’s database.

    Making better use of this data revolutionizes RTI by allowing districts and schools to streamline, standardize and improve RTI Management at every level. Project RTI tracks interventions and outcomes; and enables decision-making through analysis of a student’s performance trends, documentation and fact-based support.

Serving the post-pandemic, at-risk generation demands better communication and collaboration between educators, parents and students. Like all of our products at Project Education, this trio compiles all of any student’s data in one easy-to-access place, and applies tools that monitor goals, send alerts and generate parent letters (with translations if needed).

Stopping truancy. Influencing behaviors. Wise intervention. Project Education combines its School Success Trio with extensive training and ongoing consulting in a total-solution approach. Our message to administrators and teachers is, you are not alone.

America’s schools have major challenges ahead. The best way to face them is together.