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Do a better job of job training by using data to help students find their best paths.

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Smart management of Career and Technical Education programs mirrors the fundamentals of successful business operation in the working world, using data to illuminate paths to performance.

Project CTE is the intuitive, adaptable web-based program that uses custom-tailored lists to track students’ progress through Career and Technical curricula. Status verification is simple and immediate: Administrators can use Project CTE’s tools to see which path a student is on, map the student’s progress towards graduation, and affirm on-track status.

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Opening Doors of Opportunity

It’s natural for some students to realize that a particular career field or trade is not for them. Project CTE enables students to assess their options, choosing alternatives in your program that accept their previously earned credits. This opens the door to better choices and outcomes for students, who have the flexibility to change their minds without jeopardizing their graduation dates.