Our Company


Our vision is to lead the educational software industry and be the product of choice through innovation, expertise and customer experience that delivers outstanding results and exceeds the expectations of our partners.


We are dedicated to delivering quality, effective and efficient, customizable tools and solutions that unify data, inspire action, and empower educators to achieve more.



We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the commitments we make to our district partners, staff, investors, and each other.


We hold the highest professional and ethical standards and we value honesty in our relationships, communications and actions.


We value the unique and diverse experiences and perspectives of our district partners, staff, investors and each other.


We strive to listen and go beyond our current circumstance toward new possibilities and innovation to ensure product satisfaction.


We value knowledge and expertise of those who came before us, those who work alongside us, and those who will continue after us. We invite the best of the best to join our efforts.

“The CEO and CAO as well as their staff have been available to do onsite, face to face training with our district staff.”

Dr. Sheila Guzman
Elgin ISD