Catching up with Clay Boatright, Author of “God’s Plan, Our Circus” 

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Clay Boatright has lived in Texas since 1994, where he and his wife Carole raised three daughters, including identical twins with severe intellectual disabilities and autism. Clay is currently on the Project SPED Advisory Board, and recently released a new book, “God’s Plan, Our Circus”.  

Breezing through the first two chapters of “God’s Plan, Our Circus” in a matter of minutes, I stopped and wondered what made a book an “easy read”. I took to Google to find an answer. The first explanation stated, “it is easy for the reader to get sucked in and lose track of time”.  I found the description applies perfectly to “God’s Plan, Our Circus”.  

While I have no doubt Clay’s story will impact the lives of those that read it, I began to wonder what it was like for him to share it. I wondered if he found the type of strength that he was able to give his readers.  

One thing that resonates with people about Clay is his ability to find humor in any situation. This is evident through talking with him as well as on the pages of his book. Through informally sharing bits of his story over the years, friends and family began to encourage him to make it available to a broader audience. This eventually led to the publishing of “God’s Plan, Our Circus”. 

As I spoke with Clay about the journey of writing his book, he told me, “Someone has to be the first to open up, get the conversation going, and you never know where it’s going to lead”. Clay wasn’t afraid to be the person to open-up. He recognizes the power of knowing you’re not alone in times of difficulty. Clay sees no other way to live his life than “completely candid” and “totally transparent”. There’s something powerful about having a window into someone’s trial. We look at those facing a trial and we ask ourselves, “how are they still standing?”; that’s the gift that Clay gives his readers.  

When it comes to the storms of life, Clay holds an encouraging perspective. “When you’re driving through a storm, the storm doesn’t last forever. There’s sunshine on the other side of the storm. You just need to have patience to get to it.” 

He recognizes that each person is facing their own unique set of challenges, whether they choose to share them or not. Whoever you are, and whatever challenges you face, you will be encouraged and refreshed after reading “God’s Plan, Our Circus”.   Click the link to order your copy today: