The Reduced-Cost Option that Eases Transition While Addressing Critical Needs: RTI Lite for ELs

RTI For ELs Info Sheet

Timing is essential in inspiring student turnarounds. Our Lite solutions can speed your implementation of RTI programs.

Communities, families and children are dealing with unprecedented stress in amidst the chaos and crises of COVID, deportations, racism, and violence. It has never been more vital to manage students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs, especially among English Language Learners.

Introducing Project RTI Lite – a series of lower-cost Response to Intervention starter modules that provide a welcome infusion of smart data management and access for RTI for EL students, RTI for GT, RTI for Truancy and RTI for Behavior. These Lite versions can help ease the transition and cost for districts that might need options, and are an innovation that only Project Education makes available.

To help ensure success, we supercharge our online SaaS solutions with partnership and service to help districts and schools customize to their specific situations, such as local and state requirements. This human component is integral to the winning results that Project Education helps schools achieve.

Thoughtful, Systemized RTI Platform Leads to Turnarounds for Bastrop Schools

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Information drives better decision-making. Grades, attendance, behavior, and assessments automatically populate in RTI Lite for ELs modules so that interventions can be targeted and measurable. To allow you to focus is on student achievement, this user-friendly program manages the details such as detailed compliance reporting. This helps your district ensure that all students are supported.