Breakthrough Attendance for English Learners: Truancy Lite for ELs

Timely, appropriate response to behavior incidents leads to safer, more effective learning environments.

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Are attendance issues among your school district’s English Learners inhibiting their academic performance … and causing shortfalls due to lost funding?

All students face daily pressures, but for English Learners those pressures can be magnified by cultural differences, bullying, economic issues, or family/personal upheaval.

Providing stability in times of chaos is essential. But EL departments are often ill equipped to handle truancy issues, and even well-intentioned truancy programs can be overcome by the added dynamics of EL populations, such as whether the families are seasonal migrants or if parents/guardians have been deported.

Truancy Lite for ELs is the web-based software that tackles attendance issues before they spin out of control. It can work as an add-on module for your existing EL software – whether Project ELL or another program.

You will receive alerts when students build up unexcused absences. Easy data dashboards allow users to monitor trends by grade level, student circumstances and intervention plans. The system saves time with auto-generated parent notices and court forms with translations in up to 163 languages . Letters can be created in the family’s home language, and emailed or uploaded into the parent portal.

Good education begins with good attendance. Project Education equips you for success with training and ongoing consulting for a Total Solution approach.

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Information drives better decision-making. Grades, attendance, behavior, and assessments automatically populate in Truancy Lite for ELs modules so that interventions can be targeted and measurable. To allow you to focus on student achievement, this user-friendly program manages the details such as comprehensive compliance reporting. These help your district ensure that all students are supported and emailed or uploaded into the parent portal.