Our Top Three Lite Solutions Work Together to Elevate Your EL Students’ Success.

Now Implement Them Together With a Cost-Saving Special Offer.


EL students face numerous challenges. Helping them overcome everyday issues can transform them from being detached, distracted and disruptive to engaged, attentive and productive.

Project Education’s EL Lite Bundle combines the three products that can make the most immediate and profound difference for your EL students by addressing your critical needs of Attendance, Behavior and Interventions – all at a special bundled price to make them easier for your district to bring online.

Truancy Lite for ELs: Breakthrough Attendance Improvements

Truancy Lite for ELs will help your district detect and respond to truancy issues before they spin out of control. It improves monitoring, management and communications between educators, administrators and parents, including translations in up to 163 languages.

Behavior Lite for ELs: Achieving Calm for Students Facing Crisis

Behavior Lite for ELs helps districts provide fair, compassionate support to students and teachers in difficult situations. Data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline, and surveys is compiled to provide valuable insight into a student’s situation. Correct interventions then have a better chance to yield positive outcomes. Behavior Lite’s Anti-Bullying component elevates campus and district response to incidents with instant alerts.

RTI Lite for ELs: Fair, Intuitive and Informed Response

RTI for EL Lite helps your interventions achieve positive outcomes by managing them with consistency, intelligence, and consideration. It differentiates between Language and Content Interventions, and determines appropriate interventions at each state of RTI to standardize practices across your district. It also establishes and implements appropriate Behavior/Academic interventions.

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