The Truth About Training

Project Education is a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) company with a database management and access solution that is transforming the schools and districts that have adopted with remarkable results. Schools and districts have mountains of data that could be used to improve decisions and actions. Project Education was engineered to help them use it.

What this means is that teachers and administrators can have instant access to data for decision making, to be alerted of specific student needs to advance, and even to tackle tough behavioral challenges or disadvantages. Its tools also allow teachers to share information with administrators, other teachers, students and parents, including translations for the parents’ home languages when needed.

The Project Education system began with a module to help English-Language Learners – Project ELL – but soon morphed into an ever-growing array of solutions to address educators’ everyday needs, from serving disadvantaged students to overseeing gifted and talented programs.

But no matter how much genius and innovation we devoted to software design and development, the truth is that without proper training, those efforts might have been for naught. So, alongside our investment in technology, we invested in people, and created a training program as robust as our software offerings. It includes:

  • Direct Product Training: Onsite and webinar-based training is led by knowledgeable instructors.
  • Professional Development: Supplemental training designed by experienced educators to establish a network of “resident experts” at the schools and districts that use our products.
  • Customizable Workshops: Many districts choose customized versions of our software platforms to match specific needs or compliance criteria. Corresponding workshops help deliver on their potential.
  • Student Data Services: Educators and administrators need support to learn the best ways to interpret and use the data they uncover. We offer a sounding board of technicians and educators to validate and evaluate the data.
  • Academic Program Consulting: Our team includes bona fide experts – former educators who can offer reliable, relevant insights about school and district programs.

Luckily, our team at Project Education realized that we were designing products for experts in teaching – not experts in software. Our Total Solution approach has led to more positive outcomes across the board because teacher and student populations are better supported. Lessons learned: The Project Education system is the product of intense, innovative work by developers, educators, administrators, and workflow professionals. It has blossomed into a comprehensive, ever-growing array of products that answer every teacher’s need to save time and deliver truly actionable insights that power more informed decision-making. Read about them here.