The Big Secret That’s Hurting U.S. Schools

Educators everywhere are asked to be saviors in overcoming serious student achievement challenges while woefully under-resourced. It’s a task akin to long-distance conversations using two tin cans and a roll of twine: The data is just not getting through.

In essence, schools and districts have mountains of data that could be used to improve decisions and actions… but if it’s too cumbersome to access, all that information is essentially kept secret, because no one has the time or wherewithal to access it.

The miracle is that each year, educators do indeed improve outcomes for many of their students. But imagine what could be – the real jumps in student performance – if we unlocked the secret for these gifted educators, giving them the tools to perform to their potentials.

That’s the quest at Project Education. The Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) company has created a database management and access solution with web-based software that allows teachers and administrators instant access to information in a variety of ways – for decision making, to be alerted of specific student needs to advance, and even to tackle tough behavioral challenges or disadvantages. Its tools also allow teachers to share information with administrators, other teachers, students and parents, including translations for the parents’ home languages.

The Project Education system began with a module to help English-Language Learners – Project ELL – but soon blossomed into an ever-growing array of solutions to address the everyday needs that all districts face:


Project Education Customizable Platform – General Data Access
Project ELL
English Language Learners
Project RTI Response to InterventionProject Truancy Attendance IssuesProject 504 Learning Differences
Project Behavior Behavior IncidentsProject Title I Title I AccommodationsProject CTE Continuing EducationProject SPED Special Education
Project GT Gifted & TalentedProject Grad Graduation TrackData Anywhere/Data Everywhere Interfaces for existing data systems

The system’s breakthrough is its capacity to unify and refine student data from multiple sources to help improve outcomes. It shines in support for specific student populations such as GT, SPED, ELL and others by providing direct paths to school and district compliance, and by helping teachers create more informed, effective lesson plans.

The platform is positioned on a layer (within a school district’s architecture) where it can readily access previously siloed student databases like assessments, daily performance, and demographics. The successful “knitting” of all this siloed information helps Project Education programs deliver a remarkable degree of actionable, in-depth insights and easy-to-interpret reports – with no waiting or digging, just instant, effective access.

Since no two districts are alike, customization is an imperative. Each module can be adjusted to a district’s specific parameters for compliance, procedures, action items and goals – and the everyday student realities.The “secret” is out: The Project Education system is the productof intense, innovative work by developers, educators, administrators, and workflow professionals. It has blossomed into a comprehensive, ever-growing array of products that answer every teacher’s need to save time and deliver truly actionable insights that power more informed decision-making. Read about them here.