Project ELL is now Project Education


We are excited to announce that Project ELL is now Project Education. Project ELL will remain the same company with the same staff, same emails and same dedication to our ELLs. But Project Education’s new mission goes beyond ELLs to all students in the district. Project ELL, a customizable ELL product, is now part of the Project Education line of products and services.

Chief Academic Officer and co-founder, Mellony Deuel reflects, “Years ago I read a quote by Louise Penny and I have tried to let this quote guide me in all of my life adventures. She says, ‘Life is change. If you aren’t growing and evolving, you’re standing still, and the rest of the world is surging ahead.’ I am so proud of our team that has made Project ELL what it is today.”

Mrs. Deuel continues, “I continue to tell our staff that our product should be changing with every new district partner that we have the privilege of serving. Applying that motto to our company, we are extremely excited to announce that Project Education will now be the parent company to Project ELL. We were approached by several districts that said they needed a similar product for their other student populations. As Louise Penny says, ‘…If you aren’t growing and evolving, you’re standing still…’”

“Project Education is not standing still. We are growing and bringing high-quality products and services to more student populations that have been available to Project ELL districts for the past 5 years.”

In December of 2017, we soft launched the Project RTI product, a customizable RTI platform for districts that want an RTI tracking system with progress monitoring for all students, not just ELLs. This was built after receiving numerous requests from our current district partners that were needing the same quality program for their other student populations. With these new products, districts can see a student’s comprehensive information, all in one system.

Our new product line includes these new products, built from the same Project ELL customizable platform:

  • Project RTI
  • Project 504
  • Project SPED
  • Project GT
  • Project Title 1

We are very excited about being able to offer these new products and services to districts. More information about our products and services is available on our website at