Project Education Announces Products for Higher Education

Project Education is excited to announce our expansion into Higher Education with Project 504 for Higher Ed and Project Behavior for Higher Ed.

Over the last few years, we have spoken with education leaders from colleges and universities as we look for opportunities to help drive student success. We consistently hear that there is a strong need for customizable products that can aid students with special needs and keep students safe.

In Project 504 for Higher Ed, we focus on documenting and communicating accommodations provided for a college student.  “Transition to college is a big step for a student with special needs,” says Chief Academic Officer, Mellony Deuel.  “We want to make that transition easier.”

In Project Behavior for Higher Ed, we focus on reporting and responding to behavior incidents on college campuses.  We find that colleges and universities use several different systems to document, report, and react to behavior incidents.  The lack of these systems connecting makes it difficult for colleges to get a clear picture of incidents and how to appropriately respond possibly affecting student safety. Increases in federal and state legislation requirements stresses the need to keep students safe. Project Behavior for Higher Education features replaces those siloed systems while adding communication tools to keep students safe.

“The communication aspect of Project Behavior for Higher Education provides a sense of safety students and faculty have not previously been accustomed to…” says Director of Product Management, Jayson Hammett.

These two new products will continue to build on Project Educations mission of student success.