Custom ELL Solution Delivers Success for Manatee County


Improving English-language proficiency delivers better outcomes for students – raising performance across the board in Central Florida’s School District of Manatee County.


Project Education collaborated with this district to create a customized form, Manatee Student English Language Proficiency. The form was implemented beginning in the Fall semester of the 2018-2019 school year.


Goal-Setting: The form automatically populates the appropriate language proficiency targets by domain for every student, based on the student’s most recent ACCESS scores and current grade level.

Monitoring: Project ELL automatically highlights “I can” statements to track students’ proficiency. Teachers then can easily see language targets for each student.

Task- and Time-Saving: The customized form incorporated Florida Department of Education (FDOE) requirements along with district grading policy. This saves time for teachers by replacing multiple forms with a dynamic, all-in-one document for use throughout the school year.

Improved Accountability, Compliance and Performance: In a recent visit, the FDOE observed that every classroom teacher had a copy of each student’s custom form. The FDOE – which does not standardize forms for the state – praised Manatee County for developing this helpful tool.

“Project Education made it so easy to implement Project ELL in our district. When we need assistance, we receive almost immediate response from their staff, even across different time zones. For example, one of our users was training on the system and needed help. Project Education staff responded with a solution in under two minutes.”

– Mayra Cestero, ESOL Compliance, Manatee County School District