Lubbock ISD’s Passing Rates Rock with Custom ELL Solution


Fostering critical conversations helps identify and address needs – improving outcomes for English Language Learners in West Texas’ Lubbock ISD, where failing class grades are down 75%.


Critical situation. Of the 1400 English Learners in Lubbock ISD, about 600-800 had one or more failing grades in a typical reporting period.

Custom solution. Project Education created a district-specific form, Lubbock Six Weeks Progress Monitoring Plan, implemented in the fall 2017 semester.

Actionable insights. The report gave fast, easy access to student data, and identified which students needed a Progress Monitoring Plan with enough time for teachers to take action.

Comprehensive data access. With less time spent retrieving data, campuses could spend more time addressing students’ needs for progress.

Spotting trends, applying resources. The improved data access allowed campuses to identify trends and zero in on specific areas of need.

District-wide approach. Ease of monitoring and trend analysis at the district level allowed for targeted instructional coaching.

Immediate, Resounding Success. In a single year with the new process and reports, failing grades for ELL students fell from 800 down to just 200 fails per grading period – a 75% decrease.

“Project Education cares about the learner. It is evident in the program – student outcomes are greatly improved because our teachers had the information and time they needed to foster critical conversations.”

– Melissa Hernandez, Bilingual/ESL Coordinator, Lubbock ISD (recently promoted to Principal)